rocky mtn thyroid center

rocky mtn thyroid center

rocky mtn thyroid center

About Dr. Trinka:
I am passionate about helping clients achieve a higher level of health.

Because the thyroid and adrenal gland affects so many other parts of the body, it is important not just to mask the thyroid and adrenal symptoms, but to find the cause of the thyroid and adrenal problems. At Rocky Mountain Thyroid and Adrenal Health, we will get to the origin of your thyroid and adrenal hormone imbalances. We have to look at the complete picture of your body, versus just one gland, whether it is your thyroid or adrenal gland.

Conventional doctors look at the thyroid exclusively. As a certified nutritionist and board certified naturopathic physician, I take an alternative approach to thyroid and adrenal problems, one that uses accurate lab findings to determine the cause and targeted, natural, potent supplements to support and thus resolve your symptoms.

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