Central Colorado

Since 1998 the Coalition for the Upper South Platte (CUSP) has worked to protect the 2,600-square-mile watershed that reaches from the Continental Divide to Strontia Springs Reservoir, southwest of Denver. The watershed is a recreational mecca with over 1.6 million acres of public lands; it provides municipal water for about three quarters of Colorado’s residents; it is renowned for its "gold-medal" fishing streams; and it is home to numerous threatened and endangered species.

CUSP works with partners to provide essential services such as project planning, implementation, and monitoring within the watershed. Working with volunteers, we plant thousands of trees each year, restore habitat, and improve recreational opportunities. Our crews also remove damaged and diseased trees, and help reduce the threats from wildfire upon our communities.

Each year presents new challenges, and each year CUSP meets or exceeds its goals. Become a member or volunteer!

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