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New West Remodel
New West RemodelMountain Living05/17/2018

Hey, Hi, Hello, Howdy, I am new to myMountiantown, although I am not new to Colorado.
I am a Colorado native. So I deal with the weather, weather it likes me or not. I have 20 plus years of New Home Construction and Residential Remodeling experience.
These are some of the things I do :
Cabinet Installation and all related trim / All Kitchen Appliance Installation / Vent Hood &
Mechanical Installation / Tile Installation / Drywall patch & repair / Door & Window
Replacement or relocation / Interior & Exterior trim / Faucet Drain & Sink installation /
Refrigerator water service line / minor pex and shark bite plumbing installation for relocation /
General minor wiring for relocation / electrical outlet installation / low voltage Can Lights / low
voltage Under and Over Cab Lighting / Ceiling Lighting Install or replace
It would be great to get to know you. So let me roll up my sleeves and get started on your remodel project.
Please give me a call and let me know what I can do for you.
Dan Terhorst
New West Remodel 720 235-9899