September 22
Prices start at $15 per week*
We all have such busy lives and need a little help sometimes. This isn’t a job you want to do in your spare time, let us help you out! We will come to your yard, scoop up the poop and haul it away. Go ahead and contact us we will need to know how many dogs, size of your yard and how often you wish to have our excellent service provided. We also are happy to provide other services like: Litter box, chicken coop, horses etc…*prices vary depending upon type of service and number of animals. *
CALL - 720-275-6233 or 720-445-1126 Email - .

Hello, thank you for taking an interest in our local community business.  My name is Kanda Finch and I am starting a poop scoop business based out of my home in Pine Junction, (well my husband Adam and I.) Let's chat about your situation and how I can help, reach out to me today!


Kindest regards,