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Welcome to Foothills Products maker of Satellite Dish Covers and OFFBoard® Rat Guards for the recreational boating industry and governmental agencies including NOAA, The Coast Guard and the Navy.

OFFBoard® Rat Guards are a spring-loaded device created to lock onto your mooring lines or electric utility lines to keep the critters (rodents, mice and iguanas) off your boat or house.

Our Satellite Dish Covers significantly reduce snow accumulation and satellite service interruption. We make Covers for DIRECTV® and Dish Network® and Bell Canada Express VU Satellite Systems in a variety of colors.

Foothills Products, Inc. is a veteran owned Colorado “S” Corporation located in Evergreen, Colorado and founded in 2001 to manufacture and market OFFBoard® Vermin Shields, Satellite Dish Cover and associated accessories.

Our products are American-made and we stand by our reputation - Call Us Now, we ship within 24 hours.
5052 S. Syndt Rd
Evergreen, CO
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