Intermountain Rural Electric Association
Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA) is a nonprofit electric distribution cooperative, one of more than nine-hundred established in the 1930s, to bring electricity to parts of the country not served by municipal or investor-owned utilities. IREA is organized as a corporation under Colorado law, but unlike many corporations, the Association’s customers own IREA and elect the board of directors. The board makes decisions regarding the general policies of IREA and directs the Chief Executive Officer to implement those policies.

IREA today has more than 140,000 customers within a service territory covering approximately 5,000 square miles in central Colorado. The Association is by far the largest of Colorado’s twenty-three electric distribution cooperatives. The Association purchases power wholesale from the Western Area Power Administration and Public Service Company of Colorado, d/b/a Xcel Energy.
5496 N. U.S. Highway 85
Sedalia, CO

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