Fire Adapted Bailey
Fire Adapted Bailey is a Colorado nonprofit corporation affiliated with Fire Adapted Colorado (FACO), with a working group comprised of:

> FIVE Active Bailey Area Firewise Communities
> Platte Canyon Fire Protection District
> PCFPD Wildland Fire Module
> Elk Creek Fire Protection District
> Coalition for the Upper South Platte – CUSP
> Park County Department of Emergency Management

The Bailey Area is defined as the area of north Park County from Woodside at the north end to Kenosha Pass at the south end.

We are currently assessing the Bailey Area’s:
> Wildfire Hazard and Response Capability
> Community Values at Risk
> Residential and Commercial Properties at Risk
> Current State of our Mitigation Plans, Activities & Resources
> Current State of our Wildfire Mitigation & Risk Reduction Programs
> Resources and Sources of Mitigation Funding
> Public Engagement Efforts & Partnerships
Bailey, CO

Contact Info

Fire Adapted Bailey
Bailey CO
Our Mission:
To significantly reduce the inevitable impacts to our homes, businesses, schools, infrastructure, view sheds, and watersheds due to a major wildfire event.

"Mountain Strong and Wildfire Resilient Together"

Please contact us with any questions or to receive our emails:
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