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Jim and Daphne Myers are the co-owners of The Sasquatch Outpost ocated in beautiful Bailey, Colorado. Since opening the store in June of 2013, the Myers have made a number of significant changes - the most recent being a name change from Bailey Country Store to The Sasquatch Outpost . The change is a reflection of the incredible interest nation-wide in the Bigfoot "phenomenon" - and the Outpost has quickly become a destination for Bigfoot lovers from across the country. In addition to all things "Sasquatch", the Outpost sells hiking, camping and fishing supplies, as well as a large selection of Carhartt clothing. The next time your travels bring you to Colorado, we hope you'll add The Sasquatch Outpost to your must-do list; you won't be disappointed!
149 Main Street
Bailey, CO
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Bailey, Colorado


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