Our house is for sale, please be careful. Still angry all these years

27 Sep 2022 09:19 - 27 Sep 2022 20:09 #1 by AbovetheClouds33
This house cost us everything, and we lost everything that we worked so hard for. Many people don’t know this, but we were able to buy that house because I got hit by a drunk driver, which left me permanently disabled. We thought we would be smart and buy a house, and really nice furniture. A once in a life time opportunity. Boy were we wrong. I miss our home so much every day and it still hurts. I don’t know how to let it go and move on. Everything we have gone through since 2018 has not been worth it. We are still suffering. Even more sad is that homes in Park County are still being sold with no certificate of occupancy (CO). How many more people is this going to happen to? How many more people has this happened to since us? We were even on Denver 7 news 3 times because of this.

Our house with no certificate of occupancy, that still has not been fixed is for sale. It is still being taxed as if it is 100% completed, when it is not. It has sat vacant now since 2018. I really hope no one else gets stuck with this house, and there needs to be full disclosure on it. It has back fines on it, and needs to be built to 2012 codes. There is also a ton of stuff missing from the house that we left. TCO has tons of code violations, and structural issues. You will need an engineer for the deck, and the whole deck needs to be replaced, wrong size beam etc. The second part of the driveway was put in with out a permit, the other side of the driveway is too steep. Electrical issues, water in the walls, black mold on every window as they all were installed incorrectly. Stairs are not 6 feet 8 inches in 3 spots, and one of the sections is the pitch of the roof. No heat source in main area, only wood stove. Vent from top floor all the way down to the garage needs to be removed. There is a pet cementary on the property. The list goes on and on. The house is not worth what they are trying to sell it for. It is an illegal structure, and can not be financed, or insured. It will not qualify for any loan, FHA Rehab, construction, etc. We all ready tried everything humanly possible to save our home.

This is disgusting. When is this going to stop? There is also another house with no co for sale in VOS. I called the realtor, and they stated they know its a problem and yet they didn’t contact the county to verify prior to the listing. Listing hasn’t been changed to state no CO. It’s disgusting. We still do not own a house, and may never be able to again. SICK TO MY STOMACH.

www.zillow.com/homedetails/215-Bum-Dr-Fa...80440/13982992_zpid/ ?


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