Hello! I'm building near Pine but am looking for a new residence.

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mercman created the topic: Hello! I'm building near Pine but am looking for a new residence. 08 Jun 2018 20:38 #1

My name is Kurt. I'm a single guy, working for the federal government. I've been renting in Evergreen while I slog through the process of building a home near Pine Junction. I've lived at the same residence since I moved here in 2014 and purchased my property in 2016 with a project barn that I'm converting into a house and a work shop.

I own a home in the Seattle area and travelled there last week and brought another 26' truck load of my belongings here. I've unloaded but not unpacked and yesterday my land lord sent me an email stating the they were not renewing my monthly lease and that I must vacate by June 30th. No reason given, just get out.

Sad that they are that kind of people but I need to move on. I'm in search of a new place to rent while I work on my building project. I want to stay in the mountains and the closer that I can get to Pine the better it will be for my project.

Sorry to use this forum for selfish purposes but a young lady at the Evergreen Plaza Home Depot turned me on to this forum.

Thanks all. Kurt

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ScienceChic replied the topic: Hello! I'm building near Pine but am looking for a new residence. 09 Jun 2018 09:25 #2

Hello Kurt and welcome to My Mountain Town - thanks for joining!

What you've posted is exactly why we are here - to provide a place for our community members to ask questions, find out what's going on in the area, sell things, and find places to live - so you can put that thought of being selfish right out the window and feel free to jump in anytime! :)

I'm sorry to hear your landlord has done that to you. Sadly, it's not an uncommon occurrence with rent availability being so in demand these days.

Please give my friend Eric Gill at Bear Paw Rentals a call to see if he can help you out. His number is 303-674-8363 and his website is www.bearpawrentals.com/ . He's a great guy!

Some other resources you might want to check out (much as I hate to send you elsewhere, I want you to find something and we don't have any rental listings at the moment):
Mountain Real Estate (Evergreen, Conifer & Surrounding) www.facebook.com/groups/MountainRealEstateColorado/
Summit/Park County Housing Needed/For Rent www.facebook.com/groups/920446067984391/
Evergreen Colorado Rentals www.facebook.com/groups/1178883385532856/
Local Real Estate www.pinecam.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=49...427c904633f0e243da05

Have you looked into vacation rentals by owners (VRBO's)? If not, try a search here www.vrbo.com/

Good luck! I hope you find something in the area quickly. I'd love to see photos of your building project as it comes along if you'd like to share! If there's anything else we can help you with, please ask anytime.

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