Comedy Show: Ranting of a Psychic Grandmother CLEAN COMEDY

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Blessing Spirit created the topic: Comedy Show: Ranting of a Psychic Grandmother CLEAN COMEDY 07 Jun 2018 17:11 #1

Ranting of a Psychic Grandmother
Award-winning, hilarious psychic comedy everyone gets and loves! Iris psychically selects audience members who secretly want to boldly confront aggravating people that need sassy wake-up calls.
She empowers them with super funny Sassy Awards (over 20), offering an ingenious way to laugh about and confront our annoying sides in hilarious, discreet ways. Watch out Mindless Moochers, Dastardly Dirty Old Men, Passionate Pack-rats & Drama Queens!

People are amazed by her psychic ability to know who needs these outrageously funny wake-up calls awards they can send anonymously. Being highly evolved, Iris also selects and honors others with heartfelt, funny classy awards (over 40) like, Lovable Laughter, Child-like Wonder, Free Spirit and Glorious Gratitude.

All awards showcase her genuine psychic ability and bring surprising humor & positive recognition audiences adore. A dedicated, ranting truth-teller, Iris will grab your ears and twist hard, about the worst, best and funniest parts of annoying behaviors & psychic awareness. Book early for a 1 to 2 hour show! Laughter is the best medicine~

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