CSU Extension’s new food preservation app now available for download

CSU Extension’s new food preservation app now available for download was created by ScienceChic

Haven't had a chance to play with this yet as I just discovered it, but I am intrigued by the fact that you can set your elevation and it automatically adjusts the processing times for you. That is immensely useful.

CSU Extension’s new food preservation app now available for download
25 Apr, 2018
By Julianna Cervi

“Overall, CSU Extension has seen a rise in website viewers using mobile devices,” said Shackelton. “But our online resources aren’t mobile-responsive, so we wanted to incorporate our food preservation fact sheet information into the app to meet that need.”

The app focuses on food preservation methods and basics. Users can choose whether they want to preserve fruits or vegetables, and then select their particular type of produce. Preservation options vary depending on the type of produce, but include freezing, canning, drying and making spreadable preserves, like jams and jellies.

Elevation matters
Preserve Smart differs from any food preservation magazine or book because it allows users to set their elevation before starting the preservation process. Elevation needs to be taken into account when canning, especially in Colorado and other high elevation locations, because if not done correctly, it can be a serious health threat.

The app has a feature on its home page that allows users to enter their elevation, and when they visit the recipe, processing times are automatically adjusted to fit their pre-set elevation.

The app is available for Apple and Android devices, and a mobile-responsive online version can also be found at apps.chhs.colostate.edu/preservesmart/
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