Announcing Our MyMtnTown Mobile App!

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MyMountainTown created the topic: Announcing Our MyMtnTown Mobile App! 12 Feb 2018 15:35 #1

We are proud to announce our newest tool to help you connect with your neighbors and find the information you want most - our My Mtn Town Mobile App!

Five years in the planning, we contracted with a local company to create an app that would let you more easily find out what's happening on the roads, check on weather, find Emergency information, see latest forum postings, get reminders of upcoming events, receive MMT Member sales and exclusive coupons, upload classified ads, and stay connected to what's going on in your community!

Two features we are particularly excited about are the ability to Report Missing Pets and Report Accidents! Simply login with your Facebook or Twitter account (it will ask you if we can have access to your Profiles: we aren't going to do anything with them and we promise not to ever share or sell your information to anyone else, but you do need to accept in order to post a comment) and share what's going on! Give as much detail as you can for lost pets: last seen location, description of your pet, upload a photo of them, and how people can contact you if they find your pet. We'll send out Push Notifications to those who want to help look!

For accidents, we urge you to please pull over or wait until you are safely stopped to first call 911 to help those involved in the accident receive the medical attention they immediately need, and then let us know the location of where an accident was - highway and mile marker or nearest exit/cross street. Please no vehicle descriptions, any personal identifying information or pictures of victims, but pics of the backups you see, fires, or our amazing first responders themselves doing their thing would be most appreciated.

How can this help you?
If you enable Push Notifications from our Mobile App, you can find out if there's:
  • a fire nearby your home or evacuation notices that have been sent out
  • if there's an accident that will impact your commute
  • get reminders on events coming up that you don't want to miss
  • hear about pets that you can keep an eye out for in your area
  • receive exclusive coupons and sales!
This way you don't have to check your email to see if something has come through from your Subscription to our Forums or scan through our Forums for new posts (especially if you're in a wi-fi dead zone).

It's not set up yet, but our hope is that soon you will be able to choose exactly which notifications you wish to receive - if you only want emergency alerts, that's all you'll get. Same goes for lost pets, event notifications, or sales/coupons. We want this to be useful for you and something you tell your friends and family is a fantastic service, not an overload on your message and data rates.

As always, we appreciate any feedback you can provide so we can make this a better service for you! Test it out, let us know what works or what seems to have trouble, send us suggestions for anything to include, and send us your pictures for our Image Gallery - we'd love to feature them!

We'll post some tutorials in the coming days for how to use the various pages on the app. In the meantime, give it a go and have fun with it!

Download here:

*Note: this is a Progressive Web App, meaning it opens in your browser on your computer or on your phone. It is not yet available in Google Play or iTunes and we're not sure if it will be approved or not (it was submitted over a month ago, we're waiting to hear). If you would like to add a shortcut icon to your phone, simply tap the open app to display the options below, select the document with the Up Arrow:

Then Select Add to Home Screen:

That will generate a shortcut app icon like at the very top of this post. Click that to open the app anytime!

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