Exploring Cascade Creek in the Indian Peaks Wilderness

If you are all about the experience, and not solely focused on the destination, this trail will take your imagination far and wide as each bend in the trail seems to have its own unique setting.

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Exploring Lake Isabelle in the Indian Peaks Wilderness

Standing here while looking over the edge, the imagination leaps with excitement at the potential adventures

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Introducing Unfiltered Outdoor Life Adventures by MAD Hippies Life!

It started with a Tweet: "Need big color displays this 4th of July? With high fire danger why not try one of Colorado's amazing trails and see the instead! " and led to our newest partnership with the fantastic duo Miller and Debbie, the MAD Hippies! They hike all over Colorado and we are excited they will begin sharing their "raw, unfilitered life adventures" with us here on our Mountain Secrets Blog. If you are looking for advice or recommendations on the best places to go, tips on what to take with you and how best to be good stewards, safe hiking practices, or wondering if you are up for the difficulty level of a certain hike, they are your outdoor experts; come see what they have to share! Please welcome MAD Hippies Life to My Mountain Town!

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What It Looks Like When Photography, Philanthropy, and Pets Equals Passion

In this episode of Keeping Up With The Community, I sat down with local leading photographer, Amy Johnson. We chatted about how she's self-taught, how she uses photography for a cause, her exciting new business, and a very special offer she's got for the community.

Click "continue reading" for the full interview and video! 

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Keeping Up With The Community | Episode 12 - Ryan's Painting & Contracting

It's colorless, odorless, tasteless, and probably lurking in your basement this very moment.  Can you guess what I'm talking about?


A little thing called RADON. 

In this episode of Keeping Up With The Community, Ryan Tereshko of Ryan's Painting and Contracting discusses the effects of radon, how to test for it, and what to do if your radon is on like Donkey Kong.

Press play to watch!

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Finding My Peace at Mountain Peace Shelter

"A house, where a woman is not safe, is not a home." -Woman, Liberia

Small towns. A place where everyone knows your name and your business. The good and bad of small town living is embracing a close-knit community that supports one another but can end up being a bit nosey. Which, in the case of domestic violence, can provide a valuable safety net.

For me, service is a way of life. That's why I ended up as a volunteer for Mountain Peace Shelter (MPS). I'd been itching for a way to give back to the community for the last 6 months, and after talking with Donna, a friend who works at Mountain Peace Shelter, she provided a great option. It not only provided a much needed service, but provided nourishment and peace to my busy life, as well. Using the flexibility of their crisis line volunteer schedule, I could do it in the comfort of my own home, or wherever I happened to be. A few weeks later found myself at my first volunteer training course.

Over the span of two days I learned a lot about domestic violence that I hadn't known before, and I left the training determined to do two things:

  1. Use my platform as a writer to get the word out about the good work Mountain Peace Shelter (MPS) is doing.
  2. Learn as much as I can about Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence.

I planned my interviews with Lori Cuno, the Executive Director of MPS, Donna Thornton, the Crisis Line Coordinator and Crisis Advocate, and Curt Robinson, the President of MPS Board. Kathy Mastroianni, former Executive Director of MPS, was available as well, to share more about what MPS was all about.

After meeting with the staff at MPS, I knew that sharing their stories would tell you all you needed to know about why I fulfilled my desire to give back to the community. It also tells you why it matters to you.

The passion and warmth in their voices communicated the importance of what was happening at the shelter, as well as the love they are already receiving from the mountain town communities. Each person's commitment told a story before saying a word.

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ABC... As Simple As CBD

If you're reading this, chances are you live in Colorado and you've heard the term "CBD" before. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a fascinating topic of conversation and an ingredient derived from Mother Nature's hemp plant. Want to learn more about it? Just watch this video interview I did with the team at Pure Hemp Collective in Conifer. 

Want to get 20% off your entire purchase?! Be sure mention you saw this video when you come into their store! 

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Chambers of Commerce 2018 Award Winners

If Evergreen and Conifer had anything to brag about and get just a little giddy, it is the extraordinary residents that offer everything you need to live. But it's more than that isn't it? Hey, we all love creature comforts, good food and great deals, but what makes the Mountain Towns unique is...heart. Loyalty and Commitment-Driven relationships that foster community.

If you've lived here long enough, you have probably experienced families and neighbors coming together for a good cause. Well that takes more than just showing up. It takes getting involved. It takes dedication, hard work, and … moxie. You know, Moxie. A force of character, determination and sheer nerve. Take a look at the Evergreen and Conifer Chambers of Commerce Award Winners this year for the best local examples.

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Keeping Up With The Community - American 3D Printing

Did you know that there is a 3D printing store right in Evergreen?

3D printing is a technology that is very common among engineers, but has not always been readily available to the public. It's a way to build real objects from digital files. How it works is the 3D printer converts a software blueprint into slices and deposits layer after layer of plastic, metal or other composites until the finished product is formed. Compared to traditional manufacturing methods like cutting, carving and drilling, it takes less time and raw material. 

So whether you're building a prototype for an invention, you need a custom part for your hot tub that you can't get from the manufacturer, or you want a really unique gift for someone, 3D printing can take your idea from a blueprint to a tangible product.

Mention you saw this interview and get a huge discount when you 3D print! Details inside.

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2018 Foothills Event Guide by My Mountain Town

Festivals are like family reunions, a time when we see our friends and neighbors and all are gathered for the same purpose: to enjoy a spirit of camaraderie. ~Curt Kovener

Frozen Dead Guy Days. Telluride Blues & Brews Festival. Burro Days in Fairplay. Evergreen Fine Arts Festival. Conifer Christmas Parade. Pine Grove Rhubarb Festival. Georgetown Bighorn Sheep Festival. Buffalo Bill Days. When you think of these events, you feel an essence of what makes those communities unique, what captures the flavor of that town, the personality of its residents, and its history. Of course there are many more events in each place, and each provides us an opportunity to gather, partake in a shared experience, connect with neighbors, make new memories, and deepen bonds of friendship and community camaraderie.

Without further ado, here is the list of community events happening in the Foothills this year (bear in mind, this is a work in progress as not everything is confirmed yet). You'll find details on these events on our Community Calendar - search by date, category, or keywords. Please feel free to share with friends and family, and invite them to come have some fun!

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Keeping Up With The Community - EMC Esthetics

​If you live in Colorado and DON'T have dry skin, I must say, you're one of the lucky ones.  Dry skin has plagued me for years out here!  In this climate, with the lack of humidity and 300+ days of summer, it's crucial to care for your skin, especially the delicate skin on your face.  Meet Emily Cumberland, Owner of EMC Esthetics (known for its $50 facial!).  She's a licensed esthetician who will treat your skin like a work of art.  Services include facials, full-body and eyebrow waxing, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, eyelash extensions, tinting, and more.  Ladies, if you've been looking for a brow master, look no further!  Watch this video to receive a discount! 

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Chamber of Commerce 2017/2018 Annual Awards Are Here!

It's finally that time again folks!

Time for the 2018 Evergreen and Conifer Area Chamber of Commerce Award Ceremonies where you will have the opportunity to find out those individuals, businesses, and nonprofits whom their peers believe have served the community the best this past year. Not only will you have a chance to cheer on the best of the best in the community, but get ready to rub elbows with amazing people and have a fun time socializing and eating great food.

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How Are You Engaging?

How Are You Engaging by Heather L. Galaska Engagement is Queen It's been said that when it comes to social media marketing that content is king, and engagement is queen. There is a lot of truth in that statement. Gone are the days that a sales post on social media would draw an online consumer to your website or reach out to your brand. Today, onli...
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Keeping Up With The Community - Native Vibrations

The next time you're in downtown Bailey, drop into the new location of Native Vibrations Crystals & Gifts! This eclectic gem and crystal store is full of positive energy and beautiful trinkets. Meet Boyd Brookhart, the owner, who has had an affinity for digging crystals and gems since he was three. Mention you saw this video and receive a discount! Details inside.

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The Rich History of the 285 Corridor

It can be hard to imagine life along the 285 corridor before cars, shopping centers, restaurants, and businesses, but this was the landscape of the area as little as 100 years ago. The pioneers of Conifer, Pine, and Bailey are the founders of these beautiful places where we reside and run our businesses. Those brave souls faced the harsh Colorado winters without snow plows and 4WD vehicles. They braved the elements (and wildlife) before indoor plumbing. They farmed the land and spent a day and a half in their wagons to take crops to The Brown Palace in Downtown Denver for sale. They built the railroad that opened commerce to the Bailey area and beyond. And they are the ones who laid the cobblestones of the towns we love.

From the collection of the Littleton Museum. May not be reproduced in any form without permission of the Littleton Museum.

Mountain life in Colorado had many hardships and those pioneers endured it all. Think about this - if you have lived in the Corridor for a while, you've experienced winter storms that dumped feet of snow on top of us. We are lucky to have machinery available to help us with the load, but these pioneers relied on their tools and hands. They were snowed in for days, weeks, and possibly even months while they enjoyed the beauty this area has to offer.

Today, we are fortunate to have the ancestors of these strong and resilient pioneers give us the stories and memories of their family members. With careful preservation, those stories continue to be passed down long after they have departed. A sense of community brought the pioneers of the corridor together, just the same as it does today.

It's this story of friendship that opened the door of history for me.

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Keeping Up With The Community - Jazzercise

Today's Jazzercise is not your mother's Jazzercise.  Meet Aimee Pless, Owner/Class Instructor of Conifer Jazzercise Fitness Center!  The studio offers ALL different types of classes to accommodate all levels of fitness -- 37 to be exact!  Learn more about Aimee, the studio, and how Jazzercise has evolved since the 80s when you watch this video!  

Pssst... and if you're a busy mom like me you'll be happy to know they have CHILDCARE!  (Click "Continue reading...")

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Local Business Spotlight: Mountain Resource Center

You know that thrift store that sits above Buster's Pet Supply in the STAPLES shopping center?  Yup, that one.  Well, it's part of the Mountain Resource Center.

​Mountain Resource Center has been around for 28 years.  It's a local non-profit that has done an excellent job of strengthening the community by providing services that empower people.  And not just families, either. People commonly perceive Mountain Resource Center as emergency support, but they actually offer services that anyone can benefit from, and I mean anyone.

Click "Continue reading" to watch this short video and learn more about their services, as well as how YOU can get started as a client, and how you can help return the favor to such a wonderful organization. 

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Keeping Up With The Community - Hiland Mobile Safe & Lock

Hiland Mobile Safe & Lock services Conifer, Bailey, Evergreen and surrounding areas. They are a 24/7 mobile locksmith that can help you with all of your residential, commercial and automotive locksmith needs. Mike Upton is the Owner/Operator.  Click "Continue Reading" to watch our full interview!

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Keeping Up With The Community - Colorado Aerial Yoga and Fitness

Paula Dong is the owner of Colorado Aerial Yoga and Fitness and her studio just relocated to Bergen Village in Evergreen! In this interview, Paula explains to me how everyone can benefit from aerial yoga, especially those who have suffered from previous injuries and need pain relief.  Watch this video interview to learn more!

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Local Business Spotlight: Harmony Nails

Harmony Nails has been in Conifer 2007, but John Nguyen has been the owner since it changed hands almost a year ago. They offer a variety of services including manicures, pedicures, gels, acrylic nails, and eyebrow waxing. Their hours are as follows:
Mon - Fri: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sat: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sun: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

I've been seeing John and the gals at Harmony Nails for a few years now and I love that they're always so thorough. I decided to ask John a few questions (while I was getting a manicure) so that the community could get to know him a little better.

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