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Even when the road to Mt Evans is closed, CDOT still works to keep it maintained. Here are several photos from Robert Jones showing us just what they do!

Throughout the winter, a crew of 5 in a bulldozer, snowcat, loader with a plow, loader with a blower, and a grader with a wing tackle the copious snow that accumulates at the top of Mt Evans. They get some pretty specatular views of Echo Lake, Lincoln Lake, and Pikes Peak!

Mt Evans snow plowing Colorado Department of Transportation

snowcat Colorado DOT Mt Evans

bulldozer Colorado Dept of Transportation Mt Evans

snow plowing CDOT Mt Evans Hwy 103

Echo Lake

Echo Lake Mt Evans Evergreen Clear Creek County Jeffco

Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak seen from Mt Evans May 2016 CDOT


Coyote Mt Evans

Lincoln Lake Mt Evans

Mt Evans snow plow Colorado weather traffic

IMG 9119

snow plow Colorado Department of Transportation Mt Evans

Mt Evans

Highway 103 Mt Evans Colorado DOT

Hwy 103 Mt Evans Evergreen Jeffco CDOT

Mt Evans Colo Dept Transportation

Colorado Department of Transportation maintaining highways

Mount Evans

Thank you to our CDOT crews for working hard to keep our roads maintained!

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