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Divorce Club Warriors
Why is it that with 42 million people either going through or having already gone through a divorce, there is no organized support out there except through religious institutions?! We're here to change that.

Divorce Club Warriors is a support group for women (sorry guys, we still love you but you've got to get your own group) that are experiencing the agonizing process of divorce. We're here to get you through the process and come out the other end stronger, empowered and ready for your new life.

Divorce is emotionally exhausting, complicated and if there are children involved, the most important reason you have to get it done right the first time.

Where Are the Meetings?

This is simply a grass roots effort starting in the foothills of Denver. We're currently serving the Conifer, Evergreen, Pine, Bailey area at the Mountain Resource Center. Simply go to the contact form and we'll email you the directions and location.
11030 Kitty Dr
Conifer, CO
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