I love social interaction and decided I need to get a job that interacts with strangers on a daily basis. Also my children want to sign up for Soccer and Gymnastics, and both take money.

My husband and I moved up here last year, to help my father in law renovate a house he bought.  It has been the most magical year.  Everywhere I look, I am overwhelmed by the beauty of these mountains.IMG 20141024 135020 025 

Now that we are settled, I want to get out and about more.  My husband and father in law are happy being hermits. 

Job requirements:

  • 20 min drive or less from loaf n jug in Bailey
  • Public foot traffic
  • Part-time to be home with the family
  • Prefer a challenge, whether it is with my smarts or my artistic side.

Jobs I have had in my 20 years of jobbing.

  • Amusement Park Rides Controller.  
  • Office Secretary
  • Retail, Best Buy & Target
  • Intern at TRW researching plastics
  • Hospital Registration
  • Medical Records
  • Birthday/Party Planner
  • Exec Assistant: bookkeeping, payroll, data collection/mining, State and Federal forms data entry, Excel forms created for clients, physical data collection in the oil refineries.
  • Mother


  • Organization
  • Numbers/Math
  • Computers
  • Researching and Learning
  • Writing short stories
  • Artistic Eye
  • Upbeat Personality
  • Enjoys Public Interactions
  • Hard worker
  • Empathy
  • Open Heart, though many would say this is not a valuable skill and it leads to being taken advantage of.   Luckily I have a bit of wisdom to balance it.
  • video games, hey it is a skill.  I can read maps better, I have learned the value of timing, solved countless puzzles, and completed games all the way through.
  • Raid Leader, again a hidden skill.  (A raid leader is in charge of a group of online strangers playing games together.)  I can tell who is bull shitting, who is showing off, and who is playing the game for fun. I have learned how to communicate with strangers, and how to quickly remove those preventing the teams success.  I can judge the team's overall interest and know when to call breaks.  I have created web sites to organize my team of sometimes 25.  I have mediated and held councils.  Ha!  My mini universe.
  • I like getting dirty, hands on
  • Drywall Installation

I have such a varied range of skills because I love to learn, and I pick up things very fast.  For my next job, I want to learn something new.

First Step:  Decide to get a job.  :)

Second Step: Resume updated and Research local businesses.

Where do I want to work?  Who is hiring?  To be answered next time on the world's oddest blog.




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HappyCamper replied the topic: #1 01 Dec 2015 11:24
Moore Lumber was hiring you might want to call and see if they filled the positions.
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CCAS replied the topic: #2 01 Dec 2015 09:56
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