How to Detect Hidden Surveillance Cameras With Your Phone

10 Jan 2020 08:12 #1 by Mountain-News-Events
From Rob Wall of Evergreen Security:

If you go to the doctor, spa, masseuse, restaurant bathroom, stores, waxing establishment etc. ask when was the last time they had their restrooms/changing room scanned for hidden cameras? If it has not been within the last thirty days, I would strongly advise against disrobing.

Additional info:
How to Detect Hidden Surveillance Cameras With Your Phone
Josh Hendrickson @canterrain | April 21, 2019

A family recently discovered a rude surprise at their Airbnb: a hidden camera disguised as a smoke detector in the living room. Here are two ways to check for cameras—in an Airbnb or elsewhere—using only an iPhone or Android phone.

The problem isn’t limited to Airbnb, either. A recent news story described the harrowing tale of hidden cameras live-streaming in South Korean hotels. More than 1500 hotel guests were filmed and live-streamed over the internet.

There are two ways to scan for cameras with your phone. First, if you have access, you can scan the Wi-Fi network for devices that look like cameras. But this will only find cameras connected to the network. Second, you can search for night vision cameras using your phone’s camera. If a hidden camera isn’t connected to the network and doesn’t have night-vision capabilities, neither method will spot it—but these tricks should spot most cameras.

Hidden camera found in boy's bathroom at elementary school, food worker arrested
A 42-year-old food worker was arrested as he arrived to work on Tuesday.
By Jon Haworth | November 21, 2019

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