Hello My Mountain Town! (My Introduction)

17 Dec 2013 13:31 #1 by VeryAffordable
Hello all,
my name is John Housand. I'm posting to introduce myself to the community. First however, I was asked by a current board member Michael Brooks to sign up because he really believes what I have to offer area businesses is both unique and needed.

I work as a media specialist. Even though I do a lot of different things for business in regards to helping those businesses 'get out there', everything starts with a foundation.

What I want to focus on in this introduction is, very 'AFFORDABLE' video for business. I will post my 'Linkedin' profile at the bottom for more information about myself. I do want to say this however, I have produced 'thousands' of short feature videos for business, government, entertainment and sports. The most important thing to understand in all of this and, what I bring to the table is that, I have worked with all these different entities in developing content that translates very well from a video format to the 'target audience' for the 'best' response. There are very few businesses that does not benefit from video. Personally I can't even think of one.

Video is even more important for business today than in the days I worked for Time Warner New York, creating all this content for so many entities, before the word 'content' was a house hold name with business. Video really does drive many other marketing verticals today in the 21st century. Specially social media and mobile platforms, but you can't play the game until you have the videos. Professional video is even more crucial for home and small businesses today than ever before.

I've created an extremely affordable package price for 'effective videos' where, I even now work with businesses that want updated video content quarterly where, they didn't even have video for their business before. Please see 'Video Pricing' link below.

Please check out my links provided below and, by all means, please give me a call and let's talk about getting your business video up and running.

Thank you very much.

John Housand
Senior Media Industry Specialist
Video Pricing
JBH Global
Important Information @ Facebook

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17 Dec 2013 13:54 #2 by JMC
Welcome John

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18 Dec 2013 09:54 #3 by VeryAffordable

fly off the handle wrote: Welcome John

Thank you.

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24 Dec 2013 08:06 #4 by VeryAffordable
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

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04 Jan 2014 18:14 #5 by VeryAffordable
I plan on posting a 'tips / useful information' thread soon. WIth useful topics as featured below.

At JBH Global we don't just produce ridiculously affordable high quality HD videos for businesses, we are a mobile marketing company, where video plays a crucial roll.

Is marketing to 'everyones' smartphone a big deal in 2014? It is a big deal. Don't take my word for it. Google chairman Eric Schmidt was asked if mobile marketing was going to be the big winner in 2014 for business. His answer was... "It's already won". Mobile is even a bigger deal for small to medium sized businesses.

Check out the video I produced on mobile for business below. Thank you.

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