Nursery Attendant at Evergreen Lutheran Church

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Evergreen Lutheran Church is searching for a Nursery Attendant to care for babies and pre-school children during church services and Sunday School each Sunday. Starting times may vary depending on children brought in for care. Normal hours are 7:30-11:45am; changing to 8:45-10:30am in the summer. CPR and First Aid certification is required. This is a paid position.

Please contact Neil Mahon BEFORE DECEMBER 18, 303-674-4654, <a href="javascript:void(0);" on-click="RSFirewallMail('bmVpbEBldmVyZ3JlZW5sdXRoZXJhbi5vcmc=')" class="rsfirewall_emails_a"><img src="" style="vertical-align: middle" class="rsfirewall_emails_img" alt="." /></a>.

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