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11 Feb 2014 08:49 #1 by VeryAffordable
In my introduction post I said that I would post a business information thread called 'Business tips' . So, here it is.

My hope is to help business decision makers who sincerely want to move their business forward the 'correct way' in the twenty first century. I have worked with thousands of different businesses, government agencies, religious organizations, the entertainment and sports industry in getting the 'best response' from the public. This meant more people 'wanting' to go through their door. This, long before social media ever came along.

To date, I've helped national brand names right down to home businesses alike. I don't promise the moon or wave magic wands, I simply help businesses put in place, a solid infrastructure around those things that make that business great and different from their competitor. I don't ask for the king's ransom yet, I work with my clients 'step-by-step' which translates into putting together affordable commerce solutions over a reasonable period of time.

I hope these tips are helpful. Any business decision maker that would like to move their business forward please feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you.
John Housand
Senior Mobile Media Industry Specialist
JBH Global
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11 Feb 2014 09:24 #2 by VeryAffordable
Business decision makers need to understand that most searches to their business come from a mobile device. This is a very big deal.

Nobody want's to deal with a businesses PC friendly website on their smartphone if they don't have to. The public will more often make a 'call-to-action' to a business that has a sound mobile online infrastructure in place over their competitor who does not. This is a fact and NOT my opinion.

People naturally follow the path of least resistance. As I post this, businesses that haven't upgraded their online presence to be mobile friendly are losing customers to their more mobile friendly competitors. Unfortunately most businesses don't really understand the revenue loss.

Please read article ... rch-2013-7

I have a very affordable and effective mobile architecture solution for business that does NOT require an expensive app, monthly payments and works on ALL smartphones universally. This mobile infrastructure serves as a very effective 'first step', in so far as, moving forward into the future of mobile internet commerce.

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11 Feb 2014 09:41 #3 by DrMike
This is long have you been doing this?

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11 Feb 2014 13:28 #4 by VeryAffordable
Hey, thanks for asking Dr.Mike.

This mobile architecture for business came out of a project that was developed between some people who work for Google and Valpak back in 2009. The project used a video we produced for a business (Casa Bonita) and that's how I first got involved.

So, the initial project was to created as a way to make (Valpak) print work interactive on a mobile device. I have taken the initial architecture beyond that capability and have now expanded it's ability to include online searches for that business. The very first contact a business makes with a potential customer / existing customer's mobile device is key to any other interaction they will have with that business. If the prospect does something as simple as make the call to the business from their smartphone our clients say "mission accomplished".

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24 Feb 2014 09:31 #5 by VeryAffordable
Grains Of Sand On The Beach (Stand Out)

When I moved back to Colorado I went accountant shopping and by far the most frustrating thing was that everyone of these accountants online looked just like every other accountant. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Had one, just one of them had a video for me to watch it would have separated them by lightyears from the all the grains of sand on that beach called accountants. It's tax time and I get 'mail outs' from accountants and guess what? Not one of them stood out from all the other accountant mailers i got. Is it too much to ask you to stand out just a little? Why should I hire you?

Attorneys fall into the same dilemma as accountants. They most certainly look like all the other attorneys out there to the general public. Any law firm worth it's salt knows they need website optimization but, what happens when the prospect calls your firm? You can count on a couple of things. 1.) They most likely will NOT get through to the attorney 2.) They're going to call at least two other law firms minimum. How did your firm stand out? Prospect want to talk to the attorney, NOT the receptionist or the paralegal. That's just a fact.

I work with a lot of attorney's and I have a 'proven' method that separates them from the pack when a prospect calls and it is so simple.. I produce, at a very low cost to the attorney / firm, a half a dozen to ten videos that address their prospect's most often asked questions.

The receptionist or, the firms voice message system in a quick sentence, offers the videos to help the prospect. How would they ever know if you don't inform them that they CAN meet the attorney? You can bet that the prospect calling the other firms a.) won't have this option and b.) won't get those attorneys on the phone as well. However, now your firm is ahead of the prospecting game because the prospect knows they can at least meet you while getting some of their basic questions (not legal advice) answered.

The feedback the attorney's I've worked with has been night and day where, not only have the number of prospects increased, but the number of 'QUALITY' prospects have increased. My attorney's prospects have actually thanked them for caring enough to offer them a video for them to watch in their time of need.

You don't want to offer an unprofessional video because it tells the prospect 'subconsciously' you don't care enough for your own firm to get the video right so, why would you go the extra mile for them? At my price points for six to ten videos, I've taken the cost excuse for not getting the videos right out of the decision making process.

Thank you

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04 Mar 2014 16:41 #6 by VeryAffordable
Here's an attorney doing things right.

Not even the fanciest website but Jordan knows what the public wants when they need an attorney ASAP. They want to meet the attorney ASAP. When.. 'we'll call you back later" looses prospects Jordan gets high prospect retention (meaning a better client pool) by having a simple meet and greet on his website.

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02 May 2014 12:36 #7 by VeryAffordable
I'm back.

I've been very busy. I have been getting a great response for both marketing businesses to their customer's smartphone, but even more so , shooting video for businesses.

I'll let the business decision makers tell you, in their own words, why they got video for their business and what happened as a result.

Here is a great case study of a Ft Collins doctor that got 'affordable' professional video (Independent of my business) for his practice. He explains IN HIS OWN WORDS why video has helped his business. What he says translates to ANY business, specially in this day and age. ...

Here is another business case study of how video worked as a client 'multiplier' that would NOT have happened if it were not for the videos.

Allow me to introduce you to my latest client Shawn McDermott

Shawn has a very exclusive law practice which deals in disability insurance cases. There aren't too many attorneys or law firms in the state that do what Shawn does for his clients. Shawn didn't have to get video to necessarily 'stand out' from his competing firms as in the case of what most law firms SHOULD DO, Shawn got video for the simple fact he CARED enough for his 'prospect' clients to help them with questions he knows, all to well that they have, BEFORE his prospects are given ANY actual legal advice.. The videos greatly help his business prospects, and actually speeds up the litigation process by giving them the proper information to make the 'right' decisions on what direction the client wants to go BEFORE ever stepping into Shawn's office. When they do meet Shawn for the first time the client feels they already know him.

One of Shawn's videos ... (Social Security Disability Claims Denver Colorado )

Right now I am reaching out to CPA's to get affordable videos for their business. I am reaching out to them, not just as a video production company but, I'm reaching out to them as someone who was CPA shopping and was absolutely turned off, that every single one of them I looked at online, looked just like the other 10 CPA's I was shopping. Not one stood out. CPA's have a tremendous amount of good BASIC information many in the general public would like to know and having a series of videos would certainly make you or any number of professionals stand out among your competitors.

I have been producing video content professionally since the early 1990's Check out my video rates they're the best in the area and with my experience on how to 'correctly' reach your target audience using my service to help your business is a no brainer.

Video Rates

Thank you.
All my contact information in the very first post of this thread.

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