Picking Colors You Can Live With or The Pink Barn

Picking Colors You Can Live With or The Pink Barn was created by GregLellPainting

Picking the perfect color from a one-inch paint chip can leave you wondering "What was I thinking?" Once that paint is on your home, garage or barn, it can look very different than you expected- Just ask my wife, Patti. In fact, I'll let her tell our story of The Pink Barn.

"When Greg and I talked about painting our newly purchased house and barn, I really wanted the barn to match the house-Greg wanted a red barn with white accents. Being the great husband that he is, Greg said go ahead with my idea. With paint chips in hand, I picked out a nice beige with a darker beige for the trim. Over the next couple of weeks, more than once, he made mention of the pink paint I picked. Because he teases me a lot and didn't get the red barn he wanted, I didn't give it much credence-I loved my beige.
A break in the weather and it was painting day! On that Friday morning, I left for work and Greg and his crew got busy. At the end of the day, coming down the long driveway, I couldn't wait to see our newly painted barn. I turn the bend and can't believe my eyes - The Barn is Pink!! Greg wasn't kidding-the paint on the one-inch chip I had picked wasn't beige on such a large surface-it was pink and I hated it.
It was a color that I couldn't live with-even for one day. Early the next morning, Greg got quarts of several colors for the house and barn. We painted large squares of each color on the various sides of the buildings and would you believe it-the red on the barn looked fantastic! In record time-Greg and I painted over the pink and now have the beautiful red and white barn he wanted all along. The house, it's a true beige with darker trim-thanks to painting large swatches and not picking from chips."

Check out the barn on my website www.greglellpainting.com You won't see the pink barn, Patti still doesn't want to look at it. But you will see how much difference a coat of paint can make in adding beauty to your property.

So, a word of advice: Buy quarts for samples, buy gallons of the right color.

Greg Lell
Greg Lell Painting

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