Cabin Fever-Cure it with Fresh Paint on those Indoor Walls

Cabin Fever-Cure it with Fresh Paint on those Indoor Walls was created by GregLellPainting

During the winter, we spend more time indoors and our attention becomes more focused on the interior decor of our homes. The winter months are a great time to give your home an interior facelift. A fresh coat of paint can make a room look completely different and give you a new outlook on your home.

Different rooms require different types of paint finish. You'll want to go with semi-gloss or an eggshell finish for your kitchen or bath. Both stand up well to cleaning, repel water and give a nice sheen in these well-lit areas. You'll want to do a thorough job preparing the surface since paints with a sheen will highlight flaws more than a flat paint.

Living rooms, bedrooms, offices and common areas of your home will look great with flat paint. Flat paint disguises flaws in your walls or ceilings giving a consistent finish throughout. It's easier to touch up flat paint, but any finish will change over time making touchup more difficult as the paint ages.

Unless you're experienced at freehand cutting in, you'll want to tape off the trim and moldings. It's worth the extra effort to protect your floors too. A dropcloth can save you time and money keeping your floors from paint splatters and drips.

You've done your work, now sit back and enjoy your fresh surroundings.

The crew of Greg Lell Painting is ready to help you get that great new look. Just call Greg at 720-273-8064, mention this ad, and get 10% off your interior paint job.
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