No Democrat Path to Victory

14 Feb 2020 09:25 #11 by Rick
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FredHayek wrote: I disagree. The only way President Trump won last time was Hillary Clinton wouldn't campaign in the Rust Belt. She thought she had it locked up. And last time, the general public didn't really have a record on Trump. He didn't run as a Republican. Now America knows what they will get with Trump. Too many of the Electoral Votes are solid blue, California, New York, the Northeast. And this time the Democrats will campaign in the Rust Belt. The only path to a Republican victory I can see is if Sanders has the nomination stolen from him and he runs as a Green candidate. Dividing the liberal vote is the only way the GOP can win.

No matter how you slice it, the Dem party is fractured between the establishment and the hard left nuts. The Republican party hasn't been this united in a long time and they have all the positive news on their side.... job participation increasing with low unemployment, stock market breaking records, consumer confidence high, rising wages, energy independence, better trade deals, and a lot more.

What are the Democrats running on other than to take down the guy who is making a lot of these successes possible? Not every Democrat obsesses over Trump 24/7 imagining he is a king without actually having the power of a king. People mostly vote for the person most likely to help their lives and one of the primary factors would be an economy that is looking for workers instead of looking to get rid of them due to government involvement.

The only way the Democrats can win is if the economy tanks soon or if the socialist "free stuff" side can unify with the establishment status quo side that better understands math. Good luck screwing Bernie again and hoping those people somehow get excited about voting for a billionaire who's had to buy his way in and has a ton of explaining to do when it comes to the black vote he would desperately need.

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14 Feb 2020 09:46 - 14 Feb 2020 09:46 #12 by FredHayek
I really can't decide who scares me more. Senator Sanders promises which will bump the deficit levels up to 60 trillion dollars according to some sources. (provided he can get it passed, which is highly unlikely). Or Bloomberg who has shown himself to be a man who can get things done. He believes in capitalism but he doesn't think his fellow man can be trusted to make the right decisions. As mayor, he ran NY like a nanny-state with limits on soda, stop and frisk, which had racist origins, and other losses of freedom.

Such a tough question. Trump won with only 77,000 strategically placed votes. Will he get more votes this time? Or has America tired of his bluster and seeing him on the news every single day? I can honestly see it going either way. I really think if the Democrats had picked a nominee who was a good centrist, he would easily beat the Donald, but all the leading candidates are so extreme, I can see a lot of Americans not finding a choice they like on either side.
Once again, people may not be voting for a candidate, but choosing to keep the other candidate out of office.


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