By Trang Janick on Monday, 29 January 2018
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Local Business Spotlight: Mountain Resource Center

You know that thrift store that sits above Buster's Pet Supply in the STAPLES shopping center?  Yup, that one.  Well, it's part of the Mountain Resource Center.

​Mountain Resource Center has been around for 28 years.  It's a local non-profit that has done an excellent job of strengthening the community by providing services that empower people.  And not just families, either. People commonly perceive Mountain Resource Center as emergency support, but they actually offer services that anyone can benefit from, and I mean anyone.

Click "Continue reading" to watch this short video and learn more about their services, as well as how YOU can get started as a client, and how you can help return the favor to such a wonderful organization. 

"We're not just for families in need, we're for everybody. There's something here for everybody."

Lisa Nissley, Marketing & Special Events Coordinator at Mountain Resource Center

What services does Mountain Resource Center offer to the community?

Lisa: We have a lot of services for families, such as Early Childhood Education workshops and Parents as Teachers classes that help give parents support in-home. We also have cooking classes through our Healthy Living Program and a food pantry that services anyone and everyone. We offer Veterans services. We have a Work Force that helps with resume writing, networking within the community. We also do financial coaching and everything we do is free of charge. Very little is fee-based and we even provide scholarships to help with that. We have lot of different programs within Mountain Resource Center.

How does one become a client?

Lisa: The client should just come in and speak to an advocate through a process called "intake". The client will then fill out a menu of services and check off the services they need. We will evaluate their situation and help to provide all the support we can. 

Any specific goals for Mountain Resource Center in 2018?

Lisa: Absolutely. For us, one of the main things is people mainly think of MRC just for emergency support and providing basic needs, but really, we have a lot of programs that are for just everyday people. For example, the financial coaching is free to anyone and so are the small business resources and anyone, and I think a lot of people could benefit from those resources. So just getting the word out that we're not just for families in need, we're for everybody. There's something here for everybody.

How can the community support MRC and help you meet your goals?

Lisa: Excellent question. Right now what we're dealing with is changes in grants and different prioritizations for different grants. So we're trying to balance funding with gifting from private donors or businesses. Right now that's one of the things we have to address at Mountain Resource Center. We accept donations--financial donations, clothes, food. Plus there's volunteering!

Mountain Resource Center
11030 Kitty Dr, Conifer, CO 80433
(303) 838-7552

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