Evergreen, CO
Good morning Friends and Neighbors! It feels like a beautiful spring day today! It's a perfect day to grab some friends, grab some burgers or steaks and fire up the grill!
We've got just the package deal for you! Stop on by to pick up yours and enjoy some quality time with some quality meat!
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Simple Party Pack $55.35 (Save $6.15):
A Great Combination of Bison, Beef, and Elk for your Grill!
-2 Packs Bison Patties (2lbs, 6 Patties)
-2 Packs Beef Patties (2lbs, 6 Patties)
-2 Packs Elk Patties (2lbs, 6 Patties)
Wild Grill Pack $63.22 (Save $7.02):
-1 Pack Elk Patties (1lb, 3 Patties)
-1 Pack Bison Patties (1lb, 3 Patties)
-1 Bison Sirloin Steak (Approx. 1l
-2 Elk Sirloin Steaks (1l
-1 Deep Pit Seasoning
Announcing: Pre-Easter Sales Event!
We will be hosting a sales even at both our Evergreen and Buckeye locations! We will be having samples, giveaways and some amazing deals! Keep an eye out! We will be posting sneak peaks of some of the fun!!
Stop in today to take advantage of our Red Dot Specials! (03/23/2019)
50/50 Ground Pack: ...... $95.00 (Save $15)
-->5 lbs Ground Bison, 5 lbs Ground Beef
50/50 Party Pack: ...... $100.00 (Save $12.50)
-->5 lbs Bison Patties, 5 lbs Beef Patties
Bison Ring Bologna: ...... $10.00 (Save $5.00)
ALL Ground Bison/Beef: ...... $1.00 OFF / LB
Adams Natural Meats
33850 US Highway 40
Evergreen, CO 80439
Cabin fever starting to get to you after being snowed in for a couple of days! Stop in today and tomorrow to say hello to the buffalo and take advantage of this great deal!
50/50 Ground Box includes approximately 5lbs of Ground Bison and 5lbs of Ground Beef. Only $95 (you save $15)
50/50 Patty Party Pack includes 5 pkgs of Bison Burger Patties and 5 pkgs of Beef Burger Patties. Only $100 (you save $12.50)
Don't forget to stop in and see us on Saturday (03/09/2019) for our Sample Saturday! We will be using our Ground Bison in a few different recipe ideas! Stop in and grab a nibble and to stock of your freezer!
Stop on in and see us next week (3/5/19- 3/9/19) and receive $1 Off/ lb on all our Ground products! (Includes: Ground Bison/Beef/Elk, Patties, Chorizo, Breakfast Sausage)
We have 12- Full "Hair-On" Buffalo Hide's coming available. Fully tanned and finished! I am taking reservations NOW for them and will contact people as soon as they arrive!
Full hides are roughly 28 sq ft. (Sizes may vary dependent on individual animal). we are selling them for $1000/ pc.
Limited quantities, Email or call me ASAP to reserve yours!
Serious Inquiries only.
**Price does not include any shipping/delivery costs.
Adams Natural Meats
33850 Highway 40
Evergreen, CO 80439
Today ONLY!
We have our Beef and Bison Shanks on sale for $3.00/lb!!! They are perfect for stews, soups or even Ossu Buco! Stop in and see me before they're gone!
Adams Natural Meats is having our Grand opening on Saturday, December 1, 2018!
We pride ourselves in offering grass fed Bison and Beef products! Adams Natural Meats has 2 locations. Our first location is in Buckeye, AZ and our 2nd location will be in Evergreen, CO! Our Bison and Beef is grass fed for their lifespan, hormone and antibiotic free- ALL NATURAL to provide you with a leaner and more nutritious product! We also carry cookbooks, cutting boards, mugs, spices, and so much more!
Come in on December 1st from 8am-4pm to our new Evergreen location and see what we have to offer! We will be having fun giveaways and samples throughout the day!
Adams Natural Meats
33850 Highway 40
Evergreen, CO 80439
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