Today was one of those clear, gorgeous, spring-like winter mountain days, the kind that make you get outside and then pause often, taking in the beauty of your surroundings, feeling content and blessed. But today was special for more than just the...

weather; today, we celebrated the official arrival and commissioning into service of a brand new fire engine for Elk Creek Fire Protection District at Station 3 on Conifer Mountain.

Conifer Mountain view of Pikes Peak from ECFPD Station 3

Like I said, one of those beautiful clear days. The view from Station 3 at the top of Conifer Mountain is enormous, Pikes Peak in the distance.

According to Captain Jacob Ware, the Wetdown Ceremony dates back to the 1800s. A new fire engine is washed and dried, then pushed back by the firefighters into its new bay to be officially commissioned into service. The community is invited to participate, for this engine will take care of them in years to come.

washing elk creek fire engine wetdown ceremony

elk creek firefighters cleaning engine

Not a spot is to be missed!

drying elk creek fire engine

Bringing it all the way home.

Elk Creek Fire Conifer Mountain new engine

What makes this day, and this cermony so special, was the long effort by many to bring this to fruition. After decades of lack of funding increases, the 1st mill levy in 40 years passed allowing the purchase of new equipment and more to help bring the community's fire department up-to-date and better able to serve in emergencies. Conifer Mountain will now have its own dedicated engine, with a solid volunteer crew standing by to respond when needed.

ECFPD Fire engine at home

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