Do I wish life was not filled with so much strife and uncertainty? Of course! But life isn't about things being easy, it's about how you handle yourself during the hard times....
I've received many apologies lately for having to deal with the current business troubles, and at each occasion my reply is always honestly and sincerely, "Well, I'm not sorry."
If I hadn't had the opportunity to purchase this business, I wouldn't have:
• all of the new friends that I've made over the past 2+ years
• met amazing people who work tirelessly and often thanklessly in our community for others
• had the opportunity to videotape the Lower North Fork Fire meetings and help keep their struggle alive
• been able to help the Save Intermountain Animals group expose the theft of thousands of dollars at IMHS
• learned how the Elk Creek Fire Protection District operates to serve us all through attending their monthly meetings
• been able to enroll in Leadership Evergreen and really learn in-depth the nitty-gritty workings of our unincorporated mountain area
• have personally grown and learned through trial and error running a business.
In short, I would not be the person I am today, and I really like the person I've developed further into - proud of what I've accomplished, and excited at what lies before me!
I wanted to be a scientist since the 9th grade, because making a difference in this world is my driving force. I gave that up to be a mom (making a difference in a couple of people's lives!) and found an another, better career opportunity in which to make a difference. A year ago this month, I was so frustrated that I very nearly put this business up for sale, but just couldn't give up.
Do I regret it?
Not on your life. Let's see where the next year takes us.

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