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The Final Goodbye (4) By Dr. Michael Brooks

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DrMike created the topic: The Final Goodbye (4) By Dr. Michael Brooks 10 Nov 2017 06:32 #1

The Final Goodbye (4) By Dr. Michael Brooks

This week, we’ll wrap up the Final Goodbye story. Take heart and know that each one of you makes a difference in most people lives that you meet on this journey we call life. Get out of your comfort zone and reach out to those who are lonely. I promise you; you will be glad you did.

After my seatmate on the Southwest flight shared his story I wondered how many men and women have no one to talk to; they suffer in silence by themselves. I think about those of us who are willing to be available for the hurting people we run into, whether from illness, divorce, or life’s difficulties there is a reward for us just by being there for them. There is a peace of mind in knowing that you provided comfort by being there for these people.

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