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dear excuses, PREPARE TO DIE (1) By Dr. Michael Brooks

dear excuses, PREPARE TO DIE (1) By Dr. Michael Brooks was created by DrMike

How many times have you heard someone make an excuse for their failures and it drove you up a wall? I have a friend of mine who I walk with on a treadmill at our local gym. He tries to show up at least three days a week. He’s been missing a lot the last few months. When he shows up, he starts sharing why he missed his workout. They are all excuses and lame ones at that! “Well, the weatherman says it’s going to be windy this morning, and I want to be home in case there is a wildfire.” “I have to get my oil changed at 1:00 and I’m getting ready for that.” Keep in mind that we walk on the treadmill at 3:30 AM. So, when I hear these kinds of excuses, I start to laugh and no longer pay any attention to them.

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