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Show me That You Love Me! (2) By Dr. Michael Brooks

10 Feb 2020 06:42 #1 by DrMike
Show me That You Love Me! (2) By Dr Michael Brooks

This week, I want to go over words of affirmation and how important your words can be for building up your spouse. Our marriages should be built on being positive and building up our spouses’ self-esteem and helping them to see the positive that they bring into a marriage.

Let’s look at the first love language listed. Words of Affirmation, those words would be words that help build someone up. Kind words, appreciative words. Growing up, as a kid my number one love language was words of Affirmation. I would seek approval from my mom by the things I did around the house. I would clean my room thoroughly as a 13-year-old kid. I’d dust, vacuum, have everything in its place, bed made. I’d ask my mom to come into my room to look at how clean my room was.

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