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Unexplained Behaviors Explained? (10) By Dr. Michael Brooks

01 Feb 2021 11:36 #1 by DrMike
Unexplained behaviors Explained? (10)

The white personalities in the colorcode can be very insecure and non-committal. One thing for sure, whites can be the hardest color to read, and you never know what they are feeling or thinking. For the most part, whites are really good-natured, and most people see that in them. Very few people will challenge or upset them because of their laid-back personalities. Whites struggle with their own self-doubt. Whites often question some of the decisions they make and are unwilling to confront others in the process. One is the issues that I have had in dealing with whites is that they are so passive, at times, you can walk all over them. How do I know this? My secondary color is white, and from past experiences, I have had people try to manipulate me. It used to drive me crazy when I allowed people to do this.

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