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Beware of The Rattlesnakes in Your Life (3) By Dr. Mike

01 Jun 2021 06:11 #1 by DrMike
Beware of the Rattlesnakes in your life! (3) By Dr. Michael Brooks

This week, I will wrap up this article on the rattlesnakes in our lives. Hopefully, this helps in dealing with those people who could be a problem for you.I got back in my truck, drove back home, and felt like a ton of bricks was lifted off my shoulders. So, my question to you is this, who are the rattlesnakes in your life? Are they friends, co-workers, family members, maybe your parents or kids? Can you identify the rattlesnakes immediately or have a suspicion on who they are? If you absolutely know who they are, why are you hanging around them, what purpose do they serve in your relationship with them?

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