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Start Your Impossibilities Journey (4) By Dr. Michael Brooks

11 Nov 2021 08:46 #1 by DrMike
Start Your Impossibility Journey (4)

By Dr. Michael Brooks

Hopefully, this has been a good series on how to make your impossibilities a reality, and it takes hard work to succeed. People who face impossibilities face it with either I will make this happen and give it all they have, or some people will just give up!

I was finding obstacles in places that I didn’t expect; the county building inspectors needed all kinds of building permits. The local and state licenses that were required for my business. I would have to build showers in the men’s and women’s locker rooms. All this was overwhelming to me and, frankly, was very discouraging. I thought maybe those naysayers were right after all. I did have a plan B in place, I would ask an investor friend of mine who had the money to make this happen. I set up a meeting with him and shared all the details, business plans, membership goals, profit, and loss potential; it was a good meeting, so I thought....

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