RMS make iron roses for Norway memorial

07 Mar 2012 08:47 #1 by the sharpened axe
We had the great pleasure of filming a workshop with the Rocky Mountain Smiths. The workshop took place at Dragon Forge Studios in Pine Junction. The purpose of the workshop was to make iron roses for a memorial in Oslo, Norway for the victims of the horrible shootings last year.


I was so impressed with this great group of people. They were very kind, inviting and willing to share their stories and knowledge. We're hoping to get back to Dragon Forge Studios soon and do a piece on the wonderful work that they do there. If you don't know them, Rory and Craig May are fantastic people.

We operate a local (Conifer area) blog and are trying to capture stories, projects and groups like the Rocky Mountain Smiths. If you know of any groups that we might be interested in, please email us at . .

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07 Mar 2012 09:15 #2 by CC
Great story. Thx for sharing.

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10 Mar 2012 16:10 #3 by ScienceChic
Those roses are beautiful, and it's so much fun to watch the blacksmiths at work. :) Thank you for creating this video!

The Sharpened Axe has lots of other cool videos on their YouTube Channel - check them out! This one I especially liked (very masterfully shot and edited - great job!):

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