Evergreen Metro District has declared LEVEL 2 DROUGHT STATUS on Bear Creek

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The Evergreen Metro District has declared LEVEL 2 DROUGHT STATUS on Bear Creek.

Effective Date: July 3rd, 2018

What does this mean? It means the supply of water is lower than normal and we need to begin to conserve our water usage. At this time, all outside watering using District water will be restricted to a maximum of three days per week watering schedule. This applies to both Commercial and Residential outside lawn irrigation.

1) All outside watering with District water will be restricted to three days per week maximum outdoor watering schedule, with a recommended two days per week outdoor watering schedule.
2) Outside watering will be restricted to before 10:00 AM and after 6:00 PM to promote more effective use of watering.
3) Voluntary in-home water conservation methods are strongly encouraged.
(The District's website provides 49 examples to conserve water at www.evergreenmetrodistrict.com under the Conservation link).
4) Fines will be imposed on customers violating the three days per week watering schedule and for time of day watering violations.
5) Fines will be a warning for 1st offense, $50.00 for 2nd offense, and $100.00 per offense for all subsequent offenses.
6) All irrigated public parks, ball fields, and irrigation taps will be required to reduce their water irrigation use by at least 30%, and should not exceed 14,000 gallons per month per equivalent irrigation tap.
7) All irrigation of golf courses will be required to reduce water irrigation by at least 30% verified by metered water consumption.
8) All water billing rates have a penalty rate attached to all usage above 14,000 gallons per month
for residential, commercial and irrigation tap equivalents, and should summer conditions worsen that rate may be increased by the Board.
9) The district will decrease the drought response to a Level 1 if stream flow in Bear Creek increases based on 7 day running averages. Conversely should Bear Creek Stream Flow conditions worsen, the District will implement further outdoor watering restrictions
10) All notices and penalties will be listed on the District's website, Facebook page, and in local newspaper publications.
11) These restrictions are similar to those that have been enacted in the Denver Metro Area this summer.
12) Watering hauling from the Kittredge pay station for irrigation use will be prohibited.
13) The specific days of the week you water is up to you, but make sure your irrigation system timer is set appropriately for two days per week recommended or the three days per week maximum run times.
14) The District’s water tanks are maintained at full capacity.

Background Information:
The Evergreen Community is entering into a Level 2 Drought. A Level 2 Drought is indicted by a decrease in the stream flow calculated by a 7 day running average at the Evergreen Stream Gage. Outside Irrigation (both residential and commercial) are the primary factors in higher water consumption during the summer. The items listed above are put in place to help maintain the stream flow in Bear Creek. The stream flow is monitored on a regular basis, and if the flow increases the Drought Level will be decreased to Level I, depending on the 7 day running average of the stream flow. Please check your irrigation system timers and make sure they are set properly, and stay current with the latest information by checking our website and/or other sources for current updates regarding watering restrictions.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this dry summer period.
Contact us at 303-674-4112 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at www.evergreenmetrodistrict.com if you have questions.

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