Blaine Sumner, Conifer HS Graduate, Breaks World Record with 1,003lb Bench Press

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His previous record lift last November:
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Get to Know Blaine Sumner

Blaine Sumner is without a doubt one of the World’s best squatters. With a World Record 400kg (881 pound) squat in the IPF, wearing just a belt and knee sleeves, Sumner is certain to go down in history as one of the best to ever get under the bar. In addition to his powerlifting prowess, Blaine was also an excellent college football player. Learn more about Team Juggernaut’s newest member, Blaine Sumner…

Blaine Sumner’s 1,025-Pound Bench Press Is His Best Training Lift Ever
By: Nick English
Updated on January 13, 2018

Relatively few people have deadlifted 500 pounds. Even fewer people have bench pressed 500 pounds. So when someone bench presses over a thousand pounds (453.6kg), we have a little trouble processing it.

Like hearing astronomers describe the size of the universe, we can hear the numbers but we can’t fully comprehend them. It wouldn’t count in competition, but Blaine Sumner moved one thousand and twenty-five pounds (465kg) over his chest. He called this “the single best training lift I have ever performed in my entire life.” We believe it.

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