Looking for Witnesses of a Hit and Run at Windy Point May 8th

Looking for Witnesses of a Hit and Run at Windy Point May 8th was created by MountainTownAlerts

From Martha. If you saw or know anything, please let us know so we can pass it along to her.

Yesterday around 3:30 PM I was heading home from denver, down 285 S. I was attempting to stop at the Stop 4 Gas gas station off of 285 and Old Us hwy 285 when I was hit from behind. I was smashed into so hard I no longer have a back windshield. Thankfully myself my pups and friends are ok.

Obviously I stopped my vehicle only to see that the person who hit me didn't have the same decency, instead they just kept on driving. It was very foggy and snowy yesterday and the person drove off pretty quickly I unfortunately didn't get a license plate number. It was a Ford Ranger, they do have driver side damage and they exited 285 either at Eagle Cliff rd or the King Soopers exit in Aspen Park. It had some kind of black boat rack in the bed. I would imagine with the amount of damage I have that this trucks drivers side has some damage done to it as well. I need your help neighbors, there were plenty of other drivers when it happened someone saw something or maybe you've seen this truck driving around since the accident yesterday. I just want whoever is responsible for this to face the consequences. How do you hit someone that hard and not even stop to make sure you didn't kill someone.

09 May 2019 17:04 #1

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