Motor vehicle accident yesterday in Conifer

Motor vehicle accident yesterday in Conifer was created by ElkCreekFireDepartment

Yesterday morning, May 15, Elk Creek Fire personnel responded to a motor vehicle accident on US Hwy 285 involving a high-speed collision of a car into the back of a stationary highway work truck. Fortunately, the car hit the crash attenuator installed on the back of the truck. Crash attenuators serve to absorb the energy of a crash to protect the drivers of both vehicles. There were no highway workers injured, and the driver of the car was transported emergently to the hospital.

US Hwy 285 is currently undergoing a significant amount of road work, and there are many people working on the side of the road. Please remain alert, aware, and focused on driving and only driving. We don’t want to see any highway workers or drivers in our community hurt or killed!
16 May 2019 11:09 #1

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