South Platte Ranger District Camping Waste Issues

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We are in the process of helping the South Platte Ranger District solve a sort term human waste problem. Collectively as a group we make this happen.

The Issue: (Please note that the following statements are my interpretation of the issues facing the SPRD and may not be the official statements put forward by the SPRD! However, the solution has been approved and is ready to be implemented!)

People camping in the Buffalo Creek are not disposing of their human waste properly while camping. Unfortunately, this is a combination of both homeless and under prepared campers. This is creating multiple issues in many locations and has now come to a critical point. The decisions to correct this issue in the short term is not in anyone’s best interest, so I’m asking you all to be part of the short term solution.

South Platte Ranger District's response to this issue:

Long Term - Create additional designated campsite areas with a vault toilets to support campers. Also, the conversation of existing non designated single remote sites will start to become designated and will need to be reserved by campers. This process may take several years to accomplish with current funding and staff available to the SPRD. This long term goal is very positive for all parties involved but will take time.

Short Term - The process of converting non designated single remote sites to designated sites has already begun. However, this will take MORE time! So future restrictions to public camping in all unsupported areas will be the next steps taken, given the human waste problem. This short term forced response of closing unsupported sites is not a favorable solution for all parties involved on many levels.

The Solution:
Our friends at the South Platte Ranger District have identified 6 locations for temporary portable toilets as a “band aid” solution until the long term solution can be fully implemented. Here are the facts as of June 26, 2019.

Shirley Septic in Bailey is certified in Park, Jeffco and Douglas Counties to offer this service
$30 placement fee for each unit.
$94 monthly fee for weekly servicing
$84 monthly fee for bi weekly servicing
$25 monthly fee for a “self insuring” of the five units. (The fee of $25 is a trial amount and could change if toilets become damaged repeatedly!)
Duration May 1st - Sept 30th. 5 months
2019 is already in full swing and can hopefully start before the 4th of July!
Please note - The budget is made with some assumptions on costs not moving.

Action Needed:
I’m asking for finical support to be directed to Advance Colorado 5013c, DBA as the Bailey Hundo, in support of this service over the next three years. Please see the yearly budget attached. My expectation and hope is that every group will send a budgeted amount of money for 5 months over the next 3 years.

We need to move quickly on this issue before July 4th and look forward to your follow up.

Call me directly with any questions.


John Gerritsen
Interim Race Director - The Bailey HUNDO
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Monthly General Membership Meeting: 2nd Tuesday of every month at Platte Canyon Fire Station on Crow Hill, 153 Delwood Dr, Bailey from 0730-0900. Breakfast is $5, and comes from Cutthroat Cafe.

Platte Canyon Chamber of Commerce
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