Hwy 285 Traffic Congestion & Safety Issues - Contact CDOT Please

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Sharing with permission from Ann Imse, who wrote in the Hilldale Pines group:

If you drive US 285 on weekends or holidays, you might be interested in adding your voice: We were stuck for 1.5 hours behind the stoplight at Fairplay at 11 a.m. on Labor Day. Must have been far worse later in the day. The Fairplay assistant town manager says they have been asking CDOT to fix this for years and they need people inconvenienced by it to tell CDOT they want this fixed. I went online to CDOT and did. CDOT called back and said they have a plan to widen the road to four-lane at the light but no funding; and that depends on how many people speak up. They also recommended telling our county commissioners, since they are part of a 285 working group. It's dangerous to have back-ups like this. No cell service, no alternate routes if someone needs a doctor.

CDOT: www.codot.gov/topcontent/contact-cdot
Park County Commissioners: parkco.us/174/County-Commissioners
Jeffco County Commissioners: www.jeffco.us/2075/Meet-the-Commissioners
CO State Representative Lisa Cutter: leg.colorado.gov/legislators/lisa-cutter
CO State Senator Tammy Story: leg.colorado.gov/legislators/tammy-story
US Senator Cory Gardner: www.gardner.senate.gov/contact-cory/email-cory
US Senator Michael Bennett: www.bennet.senate.gov/public/
US Representative District 2 (Jeffco) Joe Neguse: neguse.house.gov/
US Representative District 5 (ParkCo) Doug Lamborn: lamborn.house.gov/
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Replied by Mountain-News-Events on topic Hwy 285 Traffic Congestion & Safety Issues - Contact CDOT Please

New coverage by CBS Denver of the challenges on our highway, and a sad example witnessed by Colleen Kirkpatrick Hughes.

Posted on our Facebook Page yesterday by Colleen Kirkpatrick Hughes:

AAAAARRRRGGGGHHH! Last evening there was a shooting in Conifer. I was southbound on 285 when two Jeffco sheriff's vehicles turned left onto the highway from Kings Valley. Warned by the lights and sirens, I stopped to allow the responders unimpeded access onto the highway from the side road. Unfortunately, the more 'privileged' driver/vehicle behind me apparently disagreed with my actions and tried to pass me on the shoulder, nearly colliding with the first Jeffco vehicle.

While this may not be of primary concern as law enforcement investigates the shooting, the issue of safety at that intersection once more rears its ugly head. Without intending to kick a dead horse, I'd certainly like to suggest some sort of emergency warning light there, similar to those I see elsewhere at fire stations. The last thing the community would have needed last night was yet another preventable accident at that location. When, where, what, and how do we initiate some real and positive action before one more person is injured?

Deadly Travel: The Challenges Of Highway 285
By Alan Gionet, CBS Denver | September 27, 2019

CONIFER, Colo. (CBS4) – Four years ago Lenny and Heather Juull got their dream home in the foothills after years in Denver. Every day they travel to their Denver Fasteners business in town and “almost every day it seems to be worse and worse,” says Lenny about traveling Highway 285.

He runs a dash camera that has recorded egregious violations and out-of-control driving. Probably none was worse than the driver who came barreling through between lanes as Heather was at the wheel heading south not far from Tiny Town.

“I immediately jerked and held my breath, and took a big gasp,” said Heather about their near miss. “I watched two people in front of me get hit.” The SUV driver continued to careen down the highway for several miles before he was stopped. There were car parts along the highway as Lenny and Heather drove home.

Watch the video and read more at denver.cbslocal.com/2019/09/27/highway-2...nsportation-crashes/
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