Missing: Michael Blair, Park County Colorado

07 Feb 2020 21:57 #1 by MountainTownAlerts
From Frank Ernst:
Good evening. My roommate, Michael Blair, has not been home for almost a week and I was just notified by Park County Sheriff that Michael’s mother has reported him as missing.

Michael is approx 5’6”, is about 130-140 pounds and lean, and his hair is very blonde and down below his shoulders.

If anyone has any information, please call Sgt Leffler at 303-816-5901 or call Park County dispatch at 719-836-4121, ext #5.

Please share this post and spread the word as well as you can. Thank you.

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10 Feb 2020 16:00 #2 by MountainTownAlerts
From Park County Search and Rescue 55min ago:

Park County Search and Rescue is conducting an active search for Michael Blair in the area near Alma, CO. Recent storms have made searching extremely difficult and dangerous; however, we will continue to search to the highest capability that is safe.

We sincerely appreciate the outpouring of support from the community; however, due to the dangerous nature of current mountain conditions, we ask that individuals do not attempt to search on their own. Please reach out to Park County Search and Rescue at (719) 888-4816 if you have any information or would like to assist.

Updates on Frank Ernst's original post about his missing roommate, Michael Blair:

**UPDATE #2**
Search and Rescue has specifically asked that no one engage in their own search. It complicates their work and they need everyone to let them do what they need to.

And at this point in time S&R is not in need of any outside help. They have the resources they need. If they want assistance in the future they will reach out to the community. Please do not contact them for now.

Thank you.

We are working with Park County Search and Rescue and Sheriff’s Dept. Due to weather and other circumstances they have not been able to put together a full blown search, as of yet.

Michael does not have a car so did likely walk from the house in the Valley of the Sun area, but could have also hitchhiked. He is an avid and experienced backcountry boarder and took his split board and new avalanche float bag with him.

He talks about Pennsylvania Mountain and that area quite a bit, so if you travel up CR 14, Venture Rd, and Mountain View, please keep an extra close eye open. Thank you.

If you would like to assist with the formal search, when the time comes, please contact Marsha or Wes at PC Search and Rescue.

PLEASE DO NOT put yours and others lives at risk by attempting an advanced search on your own. Basic look arounds on your own are great or work with Search and Rescue and offer your assistance.

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12 Feb 2020 18:27 #3 by MountainTownAlerts
Park County Search and Rescue
15 mins ago

It's with heavy heart that at this time, Park County Search and Rescue has officially suspended the search for Michael Blair due to safety concerns and weather conditions. The continuing snow storms since Michael's disappearance has caused the potential for avalanches to become too great a threat to our team members and volunteers.

Our Team experienced an avalanche in our search area on Tuesday afternoon during the search for Mr. Blair only minutes after Search and Rescue and volunteers had passed through the area. Luckily no one was caught in this avalanche.


We want to thank the family and friends that participated in our search efforts. It's only with your help, that we were able to cover as much area as we did.

Park County Search and Rescue and Michael's family are requesting that people do not attempt to search for Michael until conditions have turned favorable and safety is no longer a concern.

Again, thank you to everyone that came to assist Park County Search and Rescue, without your continued support, we wouldn't be able to do what we do.

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