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06 Jun 2022 17:22 #1 by elkcreekgeek
This place is a disaster since Linda retired. The kid who delivered Saturday looked to be about 16 years old. I'm signed up for informed delivery and in the last week I've received the following texts regarding shipments:

6-1: "Held At Post Office At Customer Request" I believe this is code for, "We forgot to deliver this."

6-3: "Delivery Attempted - No Access to Delivery Location" I believe this is code for, "We didn't feel like getting out of the car" as I watched them deliver the rest of my mail to my mailbox and the "Delivery Location" is ALWAYS accessible day or night (it's a large tub with the word "PACKAGES" written on it and all the carriers deliver there.)

6-4: The aforementioned teenager delivered three packages and I was sent a text that four packages had been delivered. The missing package showed up on Tuesday.

6-6 (today): I received a text at 10:30am stating that a package is out for delivery from the Pine P.O, then immediately another text stating the package should be here by 9:00pm. At 11:14am I received a text stating that the same package is available for pickup in FAIRPLAY as of today at 8:20am. Then Amazon sends me a message stating the order could not be delivered and had to be canceled, followed by another message stating there was insufficient address information, which I believe is code for, "We accidentally sent your package to Fairplay." Again, all of this is after the package was supposedly out for delivery this morning. USPS hasn't been here yet today, so I have no idea if it will actually be delivered or not, but I highly doubt it.

I know this seems like a lot of deliveries, but we're gearing up for a camping trip and I ordered a bunch of stuff at the same time...I have no control over when things actually ship. Hopefully this all gets cleared up soon, I'm sure they're having a heck of a time replacing Linda. We sure do miss her consistency and competency (and our dogs and foster dogs miss their special treats.) Looking forward to and getting impatient for this all to work itself out.

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06 Jun 2022 18:37 #2 by HappyCamper
Replied by HappyCamper on topic Pine Post Office
I know that it will not help with this order but we called Amazon directly and had them set it up so our shipping does not go through USPS.

We did this over a year ago so not sure what number we called but I am sure you can Google it as that is probably what we did.
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07 Jun 2022 12:23 #3 by elkcreekgeek
Replied by elkcreekgeek on topic Pine Post Office
Thank you Happy Camper!! I had no idea that was an option. I was able to (hopefully) get it done through live chat. My initial contact wasn't able to, but I requested a supervisor and they took care of it. They said it would take max 14 days to go into effect....I'll report back if there are problems. Thanks again!!

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