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Dogs, Dogs, Dogs for adoption at IMHS

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IMHS created the topic: Dogs, Dogs, Dogs for adoption at IMHS 25 Mar 2017 15:28 #1

There were four new puppies at the shelter today. These puppies came in the other week and went to foster until they were old enough to get fixed. All four of the puppies were very sweet. The rest of the guys are great and just waiting for that perfect home. Please make sure you check with the shelter to see if these wonderful dogs/puppies are still available and always stop in to visit with them often to get to know the dog you may want to adopt.


Dallas here, not so camera shy anymore. I realize now the lady is just trying to help us get adopted.

Poe here, I was never camera shy. I actually like to be photo'd.

Here we are together, we turned out to be good shelter friends.

Molly here. I love when we get together, because then I get in my favorite position for belly rubs.

Sandy and Sunny here. Surprised we are still here, maybe people just don't think we are mountain dogs? You can always pretend we are cats.

Aren't I a handsome guy?

They call me Ellie Mae and I am a very sweet girl.

They call me Peggy Sue. I am also a very sweet girl.

I'm Billy Bob and also very sweet, but I'm a boy.

I'm Betty Lou and like the others very sweet and a girl.

Cyan here and they threw me in with all these puppies. Sure they look sweet now, but just wait for the rest of the photos. Even though I'm the oldest, these little guys are giving me a run for my money, especially little Betty Lou and I thought I was mouthy.

See here they start

Don't listen to Cyan, we are just sweet little puppies

I'm telling you, listen to me, look he is looking for the cookie you gave me, so please give me another


See I knew it, look, they are at it now


Thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed. Please if you or anyone you know is interested in adopting a dog or puppy, please stop by and visit with these guys, you won't be sorry.

Gia McNerney
Volunteer Photographer
Adoption Center Location: 67318 Hwy 285, Pine, CO 80470 (not for postal use) Map
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1250, Conifer, CO 80433

Open 7 days/week 11am to 4pm | Open til 7pm Weds
(Closed on major holidays)

Phone (303) 838-2668
Fax (303) 838-4419

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  • Mountain Legend
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IMHS replied the topic: Dogs, Dogs, Dogs for adoption at IMHS 20 Apr 2017 17:49 #2

April is a bit crazy for me, so apologize for posting these a late, please call shelter to see who is available. There were a lot of new dogs at the shelter today, but many have applications in and one is going to her new home tomorrow. I included a photo of them, too. Molly is still here at the shelter, we are still learning new things about her. She went on an outing and met a bunch of male dogs which I was told she got along great with, which is really good news. Just wish I knew why she hasn't been adopted yet, she is a really good dog.


Coke and Hitchcock here. We love playing rope together. Hitchcock always let's me have the rope, because I'm the Mom and pretty much the queen. Neither of us are the boss, but I as Mom, served my time so I deserve to win the rope pull.

But me, Hitchcock, gets to play ball, because I can catch it better. Plus I gave the ball to the lady without her even trying to take it from me. She said she was very impressed with me.

Sure, sure, but can Hitchcock do this?

No, but I can roll on my back and get my tummy rubbed.

Molly here, need I say more.

Look into my eyes, you are getting sleepy, you want a german shepard dog and you want to give this german shepard named Molly a home and a really good home where Molly can be your pet with lots of love.

Babbet here and feeling a little sad. My shelter mate was adopted this past week and I am feeling kinda lonely. All the people keep me busy, but I do miss sleeping with Babsie and playing with her. I hope I'm as lucky as her and get a forever home, too. I'm a super sweet dog and love people and just about everything.

I'll try to smile for my next photos

They call me Fiddlesticks and I am the sweetest little girl that loves everyone and everything, like Babbet, but even sweeter. I'm told that someone is interested in me and filled out an application, very happy that I may be getting a home and hope that I'm a good dog that they want to love and keep me forever.

I'm Oakley and my nick name is dufus. I think it is because I'm so silly and just get so excited when someone is playing with me. I'm a big guy and sometimes I forget that. I am told that someone is also interested in me and filled out an application. I hope I get a wonderful forever home with lots of love.

My current name is Tequila, but I'm going home tomorrow, so they can call me anything they want. I'm very happy about going to my new home.


Thanks for looking everyone and I do hope everyone enjoyed. As always if you or anyone you know is looking to adopt a dog, please give one of these wonderful dogs a chance and put the word out there about Molly. Would love to see her get a great home.

Gia McNerney
Volunteer Photographer

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