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Cats, Cats, Cats for adoption at IMHS

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IMHS created the topic: Cats, Cats, Cats for adoption at IMHS 25 Mar 2017 15:30 #1

Below are the photos of the cats at the shelter today. They were all very friendly and sweet. Cheeto is the featured cat for today's photos.


Cole here. I'm in the big cage with my girlfriend Mia and sweet Bambi. I'm a very friendly cat and love being pet. Please visit with me if you can.

I'm Andy and Smoke is behind me. We are still kittens willing to learn, play and be loved.

I'm Coal, quite handsome, no? Not sure why she left this stupid blue ball in front of me, just try to imagine it not there.

I can touch my nose with my tongue. I'm a really neat male cat, I'm what you would call a cool cat.

My name is Banto and I just arrived the other day. I'm still settling in, but I think I will be happy here.

Cheeto here, boy am I glad I came out of my shell, I've never gotten so much lovin. I'm learning more and more to live, deal and work with three legs. Sometimes I even forget one is missing. I'm happy now and I've been told I look like Morris the cat, whoever that is, probably before my time. I asked the lady to get my good side so I don't shock anyone. Please know that after my hair grows I will look great all around.

I can touch my nose too, in case that gives me extra points

I love being pet

Please stop by and visit with me, I would love a home that is forever and with someone that understands a cat with three legs.


Hope everyone enjoyed the photos. If you or anyone you know is looking to adopt, please stop by the shelter and visit with these guys, you won't be sorry, unless you were not planning to adopt.

Gia McNerney
Volunteer Photographer
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IMHS replied the topic: Cats, Cats, Cats for adoption at IMHS 20 Apr 2017 17:52 #2

Cheeto was adopted by one of the volunteers - which made my day when I heard it. April is a bit crazy for me, so I apologize for posting these a bit late. I was able to visit with almost all the cats today and they were all really neat and sweet. All would make great pets.


Bambi here. If everyone remembers, I am a very sweet parapelegic female cat. I do fine for myself and just a neat cat. I do not take photos very well and look much better in cat, so please visit with me and if you have room in your life for a special needs cat, please give me a chance.

They call me Sammie. I'm a sweet male cat and quite handsome, too.

I'm Banto, I'm also a sweet male cat and also quite handsome. I share the same den as Sammie. I love getting my head rubbed.

I'm in the den next to Banto and Sammie. I'm also a sweet, but didn't enjoy being photographed.

Come one open up again, we promise we won't try to escape again

They call me handsome. A very friendly and neat male cat.

This is my funny look, a big contrast to my name.

And this is why they call me Handsome.

Remember, if you want my eyes open, you will have to do it without the flash. Jeez, these humans can never remember anything.

If you ever wanted a strong and built cat, I'm the one for you. They call me beandip and I am a really neat cat. The lady asked me if I worked out, not really sure what she means. I try not to work at all, unless there was a mouse or something fun to catch.

This is my serious look

Charlie here, my hair is growing back fast, almost don't even notice my shave job. I'm a super friendly male cat and quite handsome too, not sure why they didn't name me Handsome.

Talk about beautiful cats, that would be me.

How about me for beautiful cats?

How about me. Notice my green eyes, which the other tux in the den does not have.

So what, my eyes may not be green, but they are gold and that is worth more.


Thanks for checking these wonderful cats out and hope everyone enjoyed. As always if you or someone you know is looking to adopt, please give one of these friendly sweet cats a chance.

Gia McNerney
Volunteer Photographer

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