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TPP replied the topic: 285 Corridor Restaurants - Master List 17 Jun 2012 15:18 #21

If you want to want for a LONG time to get you're cold food, that is tasteless, served by a witless server, (who not only didn't know what the specials are, but didn't bother to tell us there was a special - I over heard the special from a GREAT server that was at the table next to us, I wish I had gotten her) and if ya want to watch all but 1 server (guess which one, yep, the one we didn't get), stand around BS'in, than getting cold food. By all means go visit Los 3 Garcias, better food at Qdoba, better service at Qdoba, & may be better time waiting at Qdoba. SAVE YOUR MONEY & just go to Qdoba. You'll have a much more enjoyable time, & NOT be as disappointed as we were, after all ya Know what you're getting with Qdoba, (besides my daughter saw the health inspoector lady enjoying her dinner there). Or ya could just go to 3 Margaritas, which is a lot better than Los 3 Garcias.

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MyMountainTown replied the topic: 285 Corridor Restaurants 17 Sep 2012 09:05 #22

We've created an interactive 285 Corridor Restaurant Locations Google Map that you can access at this link: http://goo.gl/maps/HPIOT to view the actual locations of the restaurants. We also put all of this together in a printed brochure that you can pick up at the local Chamber offices.

If you've eaten out at any of the restaurants recently, or just have a favorite that you'd like to give a shout-out to, please write a review in our 285 Corridor Dining forum for them. Thanks! Happy Dining! Locally! :thumbsup:

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