Patrick Mahomes Gets 500+ Million Dollars

07 Jul 2020 10:09 #1 by FredHayek
The Super Bowl winning KC quarterback just got a half billion dollar deal that spans ten years, in addition to his current 2 year deal. WOW! Those numbers are huge! He would be the highest paid professional sports figure ever. Earning 3.125 million per game. And the Chiefs were willing to lay out this huge deal despite the nation being in a pandemic and real questions on if we will see the NFL this year.
And suppose he breaks both ankles and his career is over? He still gets 140 million.


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07 Jul 2020 16:49 #2 by ramage
The owners can afford it, Mahomes should get it. I can only imagine what $$ the owners and league must make to be able to pay these amounts.
This season, without fans in the stands, will probably want the NFL wanted. it can now look for a TV audience only. Pipe in the sound of fans and don't show the actual stands ( as they did last season in games where the in stadium was sparingly.
NASCAR is on its way to proving this. However, I don't think that NASCAR will do very well in the long run. It has burned its bridges with the many fans, I think it is a false hope on their part that there is sufficient appeal in the audience that they are aiming at.

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