Current Needs List for the Troops

30 Sep 2011 09:14 #1 by Cupcake
As told to us by the troops serving (past and present), the following items would make their lives a bit more comfortable and bring a smile to their faces:

Powdered Drink Products (single-serve is best; anything that does not require adding sugar...something easily poured into a canteen) - Crystal Light individual packets or something along those lines. The water over there is HORRIBLE.
Chewing Gum
Breath Mints
Microwave Popcorn
Packaged Snacks (again, single-serve is best) such as sunflower seeds, chips & nuts
Beef Jerky
Trail Mix
Crackers (like peanut butter crackers, those little 6-pack things)
Individual dry soup packets
M&Ms (we can ship these anytime of year, other chocolate melts in the summer)
Energy/Protein/Granola Bars
Hard Candy
Dried Fruits (packaged)
Snack-sized Ziploc bags - for those bulk items folks donate; and they can divvy them up upon receipt
Ear buds (a recent request; apparently once lost/broken - nearly impossible to replace over there)
Rice Krispy Treats (single-serve individually-wrapped)

Once we get a contact mailing address for our newly adopted unit, we can find out if there are any females in the unit (then we'll add things like bobby pins and personal products to the list).

TSAC and our troops overseas thank you for your support - and let's keep it up until they all come home.

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