***COLD Brew Tea***

***COLD Brew Tea*** was created by TheBean_TheLeaf

Cold-brewing is an incredibly simple way to make never-bitter iced tea with brighter, more nuanced flavors. Give it a try with your favorite teas from The Bean & The Leaf!

The cold brew method works for any type of tea. Fan favorites include Cream Earl Grey, Blackberry Sage, Acai Green, Moroccan Mint, Ginger Peach, or any of our Rooibos.

1. Combine tea bags or loose tea and cold water in a pitcher or jar. Use roughly 4 tea bags for every 3 cups of water or 1 heaping Tbsp loose tea. (personalize amount of tea bags or loose tea leaves for lesser or greater strength of tea flavor)
2. Steep in the fridge 8-10 hours or overnight, for best flavor.
3. Give the tea bags or loose tea a good squeeze for flavor. Enjoy in good health!

Pro Tips:

• Add your favorite fruits or herbs for a delicious infusion.
• Create unique flavors by mixing different teas, such as Rooibos + Moroccan Mint or Ginger Peach and Matcha.
• Glam-up your cold brew with tea-infused ice cubes.
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