Liquor?? I Hardly Know Her!!

Liquor?? I Hardly Know Her!! was created by Biggie

Liquor?? I Hardly Know Her!!

Well get to know her! She is from Colorado, afterall…

Ok, so Scotland may have the market cornered on Scotch… and who makes a better Tequila than Mexico? But local distilleries are popping up all over Colorado, and if you haven’t done so already, it may be time to see what they’ve been up to. There’s no need to go to the source, we’ve got plenty to choose from right here in Biggie Wine & Liquor.

Let’s start with one you’ve probably seen, or at least heard of; Stranahan’s Whiskey out of Denver. It’s true what they say, good things come in small packages, and Stranahan’s offers proof of that with each new release of their small-batch whiskey. What makes it so good? Probably has something to do with the Colorado-grown barley and the Rocky Mountain stream water that goes into every batch.

Here’s another name you’ve probably seen in either the Whiskey aisle, or the Liqueur aisle; Leopold Brothers. Ok, so these guys didn’t start out in Colorado, they actually began distilling in Ann Arbor, Michigan… but they’re here now, and that’s what counts. What also counts, is the wide variety of products they bring us. In addition to the various flavored whiskeys (which is better, Rocky Mountain Peach, or Georgia Peach??) and the many different flavored liqueurs, they also produce a small batch gin, Silvertree Vodka, and believe it or not, Absinthe Verte.

Many of you may remember the release of House 9 Vodka out of Lakewood a few years ago… some of you got good bottles, but sadly some did not. The guys at Colorado Pure Distilleries went back to the drawing board to work out the kinks, and we’re happy to say that they got it right this time. The result is a quality, affordable vodka that easily stands up to brands like Svedka. Don’t want to commit to the big 1.75 liter bottle? Try the House 20 Vodka in the manageable 750ml size.

If it isn’t made in Mexico, can you call it Tequila? According to Mexican law, Tequila can only legally be produced in five specific Mexican states… but they don’t say that it can’t be produced in Colorado! Made from blue agave, in the spirit of the Mexican spirit-making process (I love a pun!), you’d be hard-pressed not to call Dagave Tequila a tequila. Consume with caution… you know what they say about tequila.

Maybe rum is more your speed? Try one of the award-winning rums from Montanya Distillers out of Silverton. Like Stranahan’s above, Montanya claims that mountain stream water is a large part of what makes their rum so smooth and tasty, and I’m inclined to believe them! They also claim that the altitude has something to do with it… in Guatemala they carry their barrels of rum up into the mountains during the aging process to avoid temperature fluctuations. Fortunately for the gang in Silverton, they’re already up a mountain.

These are just a few of the local offerings from Biggie Wine & Liquor. Come by the store and support local small businesses and the Colorado economy!


(Jennifer is a New York transplant who works part time at Biggie Liquor, full time in an office, and wishes it were the other way around)

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Jon Guelzow is the owner of Biggie Liquors the largest provider of wine, beer and spirits along the 285 corridor. Pete has 25 years experience in liquor and Jon has 15 years. Best prices, best selection and knowledgeable staff. Come on by and see us!

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Replied by JMC on topic Liquor?? I Hardly Know Her!!

Stranahan's is amazing. I read about it in Food and Wine mag. Smooth stuff and proud to have it be from Colorado. Not cheap but well worth the price for bourbon snobs. Did not know about the other local distilleries.
06 Sep 2010 14:39 #2

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Replied by sneaky on topic Liquor?? I Hardly Know Her!!

CapRock gin from Peak Spirits in Hotchkiss.colorado is amazing. Biggie's has it.
12 Sep 2010 07:01 #3

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